Our History

North Hills was established in 1957 out of the need for a program to educate and train special needs children in North Pulaski County. North Hills started with one child and one teacher hired by the child’s parents. Soon, other parents began to ask if their child could attend and the concept of a facility became a reality. The direction, desire and movement of North Hills Services have been to provide services and programs for the developmentally disabled. Services provided were established to reach the developmentally as early in life as possible. This training should continue through childhood.

Success Stories

Best Kept Secrets

My husband and I moved from Memphis, Tennessee in August 2010, when Londyn was only 3. We knew that she needed to enroll in a Child Development school, but we weren't sure where. I believe North Hi

Five Years Later

My name is Keith and my daughter Bailey is a student at North Hills Services.

5 1/2 years ago, my wife Audrey, our then 11 year old son Jacob and I were all surprised to find out we were g

Creating Hope

My amazing, beautiful, happy and challenging son has Autism. He has been attending North Hills Services for 2 years and we cannot say enough about how grateful we are for them. The teachers, ther

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